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Why Door Knobs Affect Sleep

  Neighbors who like to play loud music in the middle of the night are not the only source of noise pollution. Something as small as a squeaky door knob can also keep you from sinking into a deep sleep. A poor night's sleep can have profound effects on your physical health.

  Just as you're falling asleep, your partner turns the doorknob to go to the kitchen for a drink, and the creak is enough to wake you up. Once your sleep is disturbed, it can be difficult to fall asleep again. Why is that? Scientific research shows that hearing noises during light sleep can easily wake you up and prevent you from entering REM sleep.

  A creaking sound from the door handle can be caused by a loose base plate or even friction. This can be fixed simply by tightening the screws that secure the handle base plate to the door. In some cases, friction between the metal part of the door handle and the base plate can cause the squeak. A simple solution is to use penetrating oil to reduce this friction.

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