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Why Do Brass Door Handles Appeal To Me So Much

  Simply put, a doorknob or knob is a small lever or round object attached to a door that is used to close or open the door. Like brass door handles can be made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, wood, bronze, plastic, chrome, cut glass, and my all-time favorite brass.

  Door handles and Dutch doors come in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. But don't get overwhelmed when it comes time to pick out some of your own. The most important thing is your personal taste. Get creative here. It will make a difference, remember that no matter which material you choose, it should elevate and complement the design aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

  Brass handles are elegant and modern. The front door handle is made of brass for an elegant and antique look with an ornate rosette pattern. One of the main features of brass handles that appeal to me is that they fit well into most aesthetics with a beautiful sheen. Your door can be any color, but brass handles look especially beautiful in black and pastel shades.

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