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What is a crystal handle

  The crystal handle is also called "crystal handle", which is a very popular type of handle on the market. It is mainly used for interior doors, bathroom doors, wardrobes, drawers, cabinets, jewelry boxes, and other places. We all know that the crystal gives the feeling of being crystal clear, and the crystal is firm and not easy to wear and has a cool and smooth touch. It is especially suitable as a handle, especially in the hot summer, it can bring a touch of coolness to people.

  Crystal handles belong to a kind of handles. You must know that the handles are not only divided according to the material but also according to the style. Our common handles include single-hole round handles, hidden handles, single-strip handles, and double-headed handles. In addition, crystal handles also have There are many styles. Generally, there are three styles of crystal handles on the market: modern minimalist style, Chinese classical style, and European pastoral style. Don't underestimate the handle. In fact, the handle is small, but it is the most important thing in hardware accessories. , its shape and style play a positive role in home decoration. People often say that "the key details determine success or failure".

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