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Types of Window Door Handles

  When we see a window for the first time, we tend to notice two things: the window frame and the window handle. Today we will introduce Window Door Handles.

  The handle is a device that is installed on the door and window sash and has the functions of opening and closing. It is used to control the switches of doors and windows. For example, it is the steering wheel and remote control of doors and windows.

  Most handles are made of aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, plexiglass, plastic and other materials. Different shapes and sizes can be made. In addition to having the necessary grip and satisfying the corresponding physical properties, it also has decorative effects. Therefore, the materials and shapes are selected from finished products or designed separately according to the architectural design requirements.

  Generally speaking, we usually divide door and window handles into three categories: multi-point lock handles, spinning handles (also called seven-character handles), and external casement window linkage handles.

  1. Multi-point lock handle

  The definition is the control device that drives the transmission lock, multi-point lock, and realizes the opening and closing of doors and windows. It can be used on all internal and external casement windows, indoor sliding doors, and hanging windows on the curtain wall in homes, office buildings, and commercial buildings.

  2. Spinning handle

  The seven-character handle is the most common name for the spinning handle, because it looks like the number "7" from the side. Its definition is a device that realizes the function of opening and closing the window and lock it by turning the handle. The scope of use is casement windows and top-hung windows with a diagonal of no more than 700mm.

  3. External casement window linkage handle

  As we know from the name, the use of this handle is limited to the outer casement window, so the probability of daily use is relatively small.

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