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Type Of Door Handle

  Whether you're renovating your home or just looking to make a few small tweaks here and there, your doorknobs shouldn't go unnoticed. In fact, door handles are just another extension of your home's overall style, the perfect product to help tie the space together.

  When choosing a door handle, you should first determine where and how the handle will be used. Door handles are divided into two categories; exterior and interior. From here there are four types of functions to choose from - Entrance, Privacy, Passage and Virtual.

  Entry handles are suitable for exterior doors that require locking. such as front doors, rear doors, and garage doors;

  Privacy handles are available for interior doors that require a door handle with a lock. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms;

  Access handles are for interior doors where you don't need a lock. For example, a laundry room or living room;

  False handles are suitable for interior doors that do not require manipulation or are only required on one side. For example, these are door handles for cabinets and wardrobes.

  When choosing a door handle, you should consider style and design, just like any other feature in your home. Consider the overall style and theme you want to achieve and choose a handle that fits that theme.

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