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Origin of the door handle

  The front entrance provides the first impression of your home and therefore deserves special consideration. The front door is the main part of the front entrance and needs to come with the door handles required to complete it. Therefore, the selection of front entry door hardware has greater importance. Over the past few years, there has been a trend toward decorative and stylish pulls. It's clear that door handles are no longer just functional hardware. They have become "door trim jewelry" or "door trim jewelry", so careful research is required to choose the right piece.

  The door handle is a door accessory that cannot be ignored or lacking, it is both decorative and functional. Door handles are divided into ceramic, solid wood, metal, glass, crystal, plastic, alloy, and other materials according to the material. Door handles are divided into single-hole spherical, single-hole strip or Japanese, Chinese modern, European, and so on according to the shape. People can choose the material according to their own needs.

  The original doors were made of animal skins, and the house would consist of a large room, making the doorknob irrelevant. In order for them to achieve their full purpose, the door itself would have to change. There need to be wooden doors and hinges to hang them, as well as the technology to make them. When the Tudors changed the way their homes functioned, they also inadvertently created a need for doorknobs. Giving each room in the house a separate function, rather than one large multipurpose room, meaning that the rooms had to be separated and eventually locked for privacy.

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