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How to choose cabinet handles

  The overall cabinet is famous for being good, beautiful, and beautiful, and has an obvious style for modern life. This overall style from Europe and the United States has formed a unique landscape in China. Cabinet (cupboard), also known as "family kitchen furniture", "cabinet soldiers", etc.; is a family and civil facility in the family kitchen that integrates burning, washing, storage, and fumes.

  The cabinet handle refers to the auxiliary push-pull component of the cabinet assembly in the family cabinet. Crystal handle, environmental protection, and three-dimensional shape. The material enriches the design of the cabinet and plays a positive role.

  Nowadays, the furniture industry is developing, and there are countless kinds of handles. Common materials are wood, crystal, and metal. The cabinet handle has a strong decorative effect on the appearance of the cabinet. The kitchen may encounter water stains, therefore, the handle must be able to withstand the test of being not easily corroded, rusted, or damaged. Note: The handle of the cabinet should not be made of solid wood, otherwise the handle will be easily deformed in a humid environment.

  First, carefully observe whether the appearance is rough and whether there is abnormal noise, do not compare with furniture hardware, but need to compare with similar products,

  Second, depending on the material, the material used is relatively good, and the manufacturer has a long operating history and a high reputation as much as possible.

  Third, it must be coordinated with the color and texture of the furniture. For solid wood cabinets, you can choose antique handles or crystal handles, and the effect is very good.

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